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Join the fellowship of the red button

Never… Ever touch this Red button
if you are not sure you can afford it…..

  • Mobile and responsive design have no secret for you
  • Have drawing skills and you’re proud of it.
  •  Speak French and English, and knowing Dutch is a very nice plus
  •  Love to learn new things everyday
  •  YOU SHALL NOT understimate the importance of details (yes…geek reference inside )
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate)
  • You know youre basics in HTML5, and CSS3
  • You can work with some CMS, and make good stuff with it
  • You are passionate and you love challenges
  • Never forget to bring your good vibes.
  • Deadlines master. Not only a line in a C.V; it must be a second nature.
  • Mutual respect, intellectual curiosity, loyalty and kindness are essentials for you
  • We are a team: Alone I go faster together we go further (and faster)
  • We produce “WOW effects!”
  • We work with the latest technologies. In fact, we are driven by innovation.
  • We love learning. If you upgrade, everybody upgrades. So be prepared to enter the Matrix


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