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Equilis is a company that makes innovative real estate projects. Their new tagline: “building happy stories” so we brought this happiness and dynamism in the voice over and the motion design for an internal communication video.

Equilis is a company that has built its foundation in Belgium. They made ambitious and innovative real estate projects. Their core belief is that real estate project must be human centric, human sized, contextually correct and feel relevant to the need of the users.

We did the voice over and the animation for their video which is aimed to their intern communication, to communicate their new tag line, spirit and new logo.

We want to convey their new message, “building happy stories”, showing their dynamism, the importance of the human, innovation, vibration and joy through the animation and the tone of the voice over.

They gave us a clear guideline, and from that we created a more dynamic and interesting animation following their new tag line. The illustrations and logos were quite simple, so we tried to dynamize them with punchy motion.